Sessions & Training

Hello Drupal Course

With hands-on training you'll get kick started in learning Drupal. You'll also talk to professional developers who use Drupal. We'll tell you about the kinds of jobs available, and how you can determine which is right for you.

Drupal in Enterprise Organizations

Everyday markets become more competitive while IT costs are growing within enterprise organizations. Launching new products, marketing campaigns or brands fast became a critical success factor for most companies.

Drupal Commerce Introduction

Drupal Commerce is a powerful set of modules written by Commerce Guys. It is built on Drupal 7′s core functionality as well as some contrib modules.

Drupal 7 Module Development

In this course, you'll learn how to leverage Drupal's API by creating custom modules.

Security: Specialty workshop with Acquia Security Team

In this full-day session you'll learn how to evaluate your risks and secure your site and processes.

Drupal Layout and Theming

In this two day course you'll learn a variety of approaches to making dynamic layouts in Drupal, and how to choose the right approach for your site.

PHP for Drupal

Learn the essential features and structures of PHP, and how they are expressed in Drupal in this one day course. This is a great primer for the Module Development course.

Building Multilingual Websites

In this course you'll learn how to develop a multilingual website in Drupal.

Deploying Custom Changes to Site Factory

This course prepares Release Engineers to manage their code bases within Site Factory.


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About US

Our goal is to foster worldwide exchange, to showcase the diversity of the Drupal community and to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal.