Building Multilingual Websites

In this course you'll learn how to develop a multilingual website in Drupal.

This course was designed for those that are already familiar with Site Building in Drupal. You will learn how to provide content in multiple languages, and also a consistent user interface in target languages.

This training is delivered through Acquia's extensive training partner program.

Getting a single language foreign language site with Drupal is fairly easy, with more and more language packs for UI translation from, you can have an instant UI in your chosen language. However, if you want to allow users to switch languages at the click of a button, and at different paths, you need a multilingual site.

With Drupal you can make it easy for content editors to translate content, and provide users with a multilingual interface that serves them up a site in their chosen or detected language. In this course, you’ll see the modules you can select to make this process smoother. You’ll learn typical procedures through hands-on activities. Most importantly, you’ll leave knowing how to plan and prepare for your next multilingual website.

  • Have a local development environment set up.
  • Experience creating a Drupal site, configuring content management features, and setting up the site structure
  • Comfortable with Views and fields configuration
By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Understand the most important decisions to make when building a multilingual website
  • Identify all the elements of a Drupal site that need translation
  • Configure the multilingual settings for content types to match the translations available
  • Define the difference between field-level and node-level translation and when to use each one
  • Configure core and contributed modules for multilingual site building
  • Identify the challenges of translating Drupal’s user interface, plan a project accordingly
  • Use Drupal’s website and take advantage of updates to module language file
What is provided: 
Some events provide lunch and refreshments. Check the individual event listings for details.
Participants will receive a printed manual which outlines step-by-step activities.
Depending on venue, participants will either be provided with a sandbox environment in a computer lab, or they will use their own computers.

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